Choosing a Perfect Sun Hat for Kids

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We all know it is important to have healthy skin. Since more than 1/3 of all skin cancer appears on the face and the number one culprit for wrinkles and premature aging is the sun, wearing a good sun protective hat is a preventative measure too important to miss. A sunburn is never good , but remember sun damage is also cumulative. In other words, UV injury upon injury adds up over time to cumulate into major skin damage. The earlier sun protective measures are started, the better.

Let me say up front that kids can be tough when it comes to hats. Not that they are hard to fit but that getting a child to wear a hat can be a challenge. If you start them off wearing hats from infancy, like a car seat, they may come to expect wearing a sun hat is just a way of life. But even then, we often hear that most kids go through the “There is no way I am wearing a hat” stage. But fear not! As fellow conspirators in your child’s well-being, we think we may have some ideas that make wearing a hat fun!

So let’s start with getting a good fit, and we will end with suggestions that might help you get your children interested in wearing their sun hats.

Getting a good fit: The best way to get a good fit is the old fashion way of measuring the circumference of the head. For some of our hats we include age equivalents but beware! Head size varies dramatically for both adult and children with no regard to age or gender. We have seen 8 year olds with adult size heads. So measure around the head (above the eyes and ears… where the hat brim sits) with a soft measuring tape or use a string and then measure the length of the string to take the guess work out of sizing.

As we all know, kids grow at an alarming rate. Most of our hat measurements are within a range, but if your child’s head measurement is very close to the next larger size, you may want to consider choosing that bigger size.

Our brim sizes are all child appropriate, but you will most likely have insights as to the width of the brim that is best for your child. We would suggest you go with your gut feeling on this one, remembering that the wider the brim, the more sun will be blocked. Additionally, a brim with a downward slope will increase the sun protective ability of the hat.

Unless you know your child has a problem with a chin strap, we would suggest a chin strap to keep the hat on in the wind and when at play. If the hat you choose comes with a unwanted chin strap you can always cut it off or remove it.

So now, how do we get your child to wear a protective sun hat?

Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Young kids want to be like you … just like you. So, one of the best ways to get a child to wear their sun hat is to wear one yourself. Day in and day out don’t go outdoors without your sun protective hat and your child will get the message. And just think of all the benefits your own face will receive!
2. Talk to other parents about the benefits of having their kids wear a hat. Make wearing a hat the “IN” thing to do. When everyone else is doing it, arguments often vanish.
3. Here is our FUN idea – Have your child “design” his/her own hat, and maybe even hats for the rest of the family. Put out paint, fabric cut in daisy shapes, and other fun materials that could augment a hat. We even have a “Paint Your Own Hat” kit if you are tight on time. Another idea is to have a hat painting party and get everybody into it. I’ll bet you did not think sun protection could be fun!

Even In The Winter, You Still Need Sun Exposure Protection

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Even in the winter you still need sun exposure protection. The cold of winter can be very deceiving. When you’re shivering in your heavy winter coat and you have long johns on just to stay warm, why in the world would you think of sun exposure protection? Wouldn’t you think that was just for summer?

Not really! The sun will bathe everyone in it’s UV rays in summer or winter, rain or shine. Even in the winter, you’ll still need sun exposure protection.

If you live where it’s sunny all the time then it really goes without saying, you really need to wear sunblock all the time and a good pair of sunglasses to help protect your eyes.

But, even when you live some place where it snows, you still need sunglasses and sunblock. Really you need them even more since the bright snow reflects the UV rays right back at you. So, you end up getting the UV rays right from the sun and from the bright glare of all the snow that is all around you.

So, you may be asking yourself, what is so bad about the UV rays? I have 2 words: free radicals. As you know, we are made up of cells. Molecules are what cells are made of. The molecules that have unpaired electrons are called free radicals. These electrons want to pair up so they can stabilize the molecule. Doing so by taking electrons from any molecule they make contact with. This will make those particular molecules unstable and this makes them turn and make the other molecules unstable. As this is happening in our cells damage occurs.

The opposite are the antioxidants. They give electrons to the free radicals thus neutralizing them, stopping the damage.

The sun’s UV rays make free radicals, this is why more sun exposure protection the better. It’s true that sunlight helps our bodies by producing vitamin D but only about 10 minutes a day is all you need for that. Make sure you use plenty of sunblock so you can protect your body.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants like veggies and fruits. Also the Vitamins E and C have good potent antioxidants so take these supplements to help.

Choosing The Right Gardening Hat

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Deciding on a gardening hat is more then thinking about the way it looks in your mirror. Sure, style is important but there is also practicality, function, comfort and wear ability.

A gardening hat can have materials like cotton, palm, straw, paper, nylon, raffia, hemp, and many different other materials. Every gardening hat has its own specific characteristics of ventilation, durability, UPF and flexibility.

The strength to stay in place in wind is an important key for a great gardening hat. There are some that have adjustable chinstraps that will hold tightly in strong wind but won’t clamp like a vice. The chinstrap should also always be well behaved when you’re not using it. But some are heavy and won’t stay under your hat during the calmer days. Some gardening hat styles will with both the chinstrap and a back of the head strap so that you can adjust it for a better fit.

Depending on the material and design, one size usually fits most folks if it’s flexible and stretchy enough. For the hats that are in specific sizes you will need to measure around your head where the hat would fit. Gardening hats should fit you well and not be so low that it obstructs your vision. Remember hats shouldn’t be painful vices that leave red marks are your forehead.

A lot of folks wear a gardening hat to block damaging UV rays. A hat with a wide brim all the way around and have a tight weave are best to block out the UV rays. Check the UV rating on the hat, UPF 50+ is the highest UV rating. this rating is a lot like the ratings of sunblock but it’s the fabric that is tested. Remember, always wear sunblock for added protection from the sun.

Gardening hats should be well ventilated. Heads perspire so you’ll be more comfortable where there is air movement for evaporative cooling.

A gardening hat can come in many different colors and styles. Just choose one that looks great on you and that has the right amount of UV protection that you’re looking for. Happy hat hunting!

Play It Safe – Wear Sun Hats

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The head must be protected from the heat and rays of the sun. If you happen to visit a beach or are out in the open country with a blazing sun, it’s advisable for you to wear a sun hat. A sun hat is not a fashion item, but required health protection. The sun’s rays can cause sun stroke and blisters on your scalp. If a person happens to be bald, their head can sweat profusely in the heat. Appropriate headgear is worn as part of the uniform by the defense forces of the world. This is to protect them from the rays of the sun. Sun rays can also cause skin diseases and skin cancer. Therefore, it is imperative to wear appropriate hats. If you are going to spend time outdoors in the sun, the hat you wear should have a wide brim so that the back of the neck, the forehead, and the ears, and sides of the face are protected from the sun’s rays.

When buying a hat, choose one that is made of a natural fiber such as cotton. There should also be small vents on the side of the hats. Natural fiber is cooler than synthetic fiber, and the vents will allow the flow of air on the scalp. When buying a sun hat, buy one that is of thick material and is white or some light color. White and light colored sun hats do not absorb the sun’s heat. So, they serve as additional protection for the head.

People who live in hot or tropical climates wear some form of headgear to protect their heads from the rays and heat of the sun. They wear it to safeguard their health. There are definite health benefits to wearing sun hats. One major health benefit is that your scalp will not get burnt, and also your chances of suffering from a sun stroke are reduced, and of course, your skin is protected from skin cancer, which may be caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun.

How long or thick your hair may be, it’s still advisable to wear a sun hat whenever you are out in the sun. Even if you are pottering around in the garden, or getting a sun tan, you must wear a sun hat. If you happen to have delicate skin, then it becomes all the more necessary to wear a hat.

So, wearing a proper hat that will protect your head and parts of your face is essential. The sun’s rays can cause serious skin damage. The skin takes a long time to heal from sunburn. So, why take a risk when wearing a hat will protect your head and is also beneficial for your health. In case you are going to a country where the temperatures are high and there is plenty of sunshine, remember to buy and take a sun hat. The biggest organ of the body is the skin and nobody wants to damage their skin.

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